Segment Optimisation

29 Dec 2023
Jack Kennedy

We are delighted to announce a new feature in Whippy that will transform the way you compose SMS messages: the "SMS Segment Viewer." Integrated directly into the Whippy message editor, this tool provides real-time insights into the efficiency and structure of your SMS messages.

  • Real-Time Segment Count: As you write your message, the SMS Segment Viewer shows the number of segments your text will use. This immediate feedback helps you keep track of message length and potential costs.
  • Non-GSM7 Character Identification: The tool automatically identifies any non-GSM7 characters in your message. These characters can increase the number of segments used, and the viewer highlights them for easy recognition and editing.
  • Segment-Saving Suggestions: If there are opportunities to rewrite the message for segment efficiency, the SMS Segment Viewer offers suggestions. These tips help you rephrase or adjust your message to reduce the number of segments, thus saving costs.
  • Improved Message Optimization: This feature is particularly useful for long or complex messages. It ensures that every SMS you send is optimized for both impact and cost-effectiveness.
  • Seamless Integration with Message Editor: The SMS Segment Viewer is built directly into the Whippy message editor, making it a seamless part of your message creation process. No need to switch between tools or windows.

The SMS Segment Viewer in Whippy represents our commitment to not only enhancing user experience but also providing practical tools that assist in cost management and message effectiveness. With this new feature, you can compose SMS messages more strategically, ensuring they are both impactful and economical.