Automated Responses

Don't waste valuable time

Whippy's Artificial Intelligence can understand and answer frequent customer questions so you don’t have to. Add Q&As that are specific to your business and Whippy will learn and do the rest. It's that easy.

Automate Keywords

Workflows that just work

Automate repetitive workflows that are vital to your business. What to send an automated message based on a specific keyword? Want to notify a team member instantly? Want to automatically segment those clients? Now you can.

Automate Campaigns

Campaigns that work for you

From importing to follow up, Whippy's A.I. & Automation will do the leg work nearly every step of the way. Whippy will even organize a list of your most interested contacts for you.

Automate Sales

Lead Follow Up

Whippy can help you not only engage leads instantly, but also continually follow up on those leads for your busy team. Whippy can even notify a sales team member when that lead is ready to chat.