The SMS Inbox made for teams that need to scale.

Collaborate with your team with 100% transparency. Track client origins, message and link activity and assign tasks with a single click.

Shared Inbox for Teams

Close leads quicker

Whippy can help close more leads by sending customized texts to Website or Facebook leads in less than 1 second. The Harvard Business Review reported that businesses who respond to leads within minutes are 60x more likely to convert.


Engage customers 24/7

Clients are looking to connect after they get off work. Set business hours messaging so late night leads know when you will be getting back to them. Engage clients while the competition is sleeping.


Collaborate as a team

Whippy maximizes the power of SMS for growing teams. See who on your team wrote or read a message so there is zero confusion. Assign conversations to a specific team member so they know what they need to get done.


Save your knowledge

Add SMS templates to save your team's time and make it incredibly easy for new employees going forward. You can even add PDFs or other media to templates so you never need to upload them again.


Track customer engagement

Whippy allows you to text any website link and track if your client opens it in real-time. You can set an automatic follow-up if your client forgets and notify a team member when they finally do.