Healthcare Lead Conversion
Lead Conversion

Close patient leads 10x faster

Whippy integrates with your web forms, chat & Facebook ads, so you can instantly engage more patient leads.

Health Care Sequences
Automated Sequences

Lead Follow Up

Even if your team is quick to get back to leads, many of them get busy and go unresponsive. Most businesses give up. Now you don't have to with automated follow ups that can easily be customized and scheduled out.

Save valuable time

Save valuable time

Whippy's Artificial Intelligence can understand and answer frequently asked questions so you don’t have to. Add Q&As that are specific to your practice and Whippy will learn and do the rest. It's that easy.

Healthcare Compliance
Compliance & Security

HIPPA Compliant SMS

Utilize HIPPA & SOC2 Compliant SMS messaging with the industry's highest standard in security & customer data protection.