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Message Usage Reporting

Today we’re launching a preview of our reporting dashboard. Every week we will continue to build out our reporting functionality and release new features, but today we’re happy to announce that you can now see an overview of message and credit usage. You can see this broken down by day and location, as well as see a trend of your usage over time. 

Features & Improvements

  • Our reporting beta is now live, see how your messaging volume trends over time
  • Fixed a bug that caused the contact panel to be out of sync in your inbox
  • Fixed a but that let your open the campaign for campaigns that were marked as archived
  • Pastes images from your clipboard and now given the name set by your browser and not a default names provided by Whippy

Inbox Attachments View

This week we launched a new attachments view in the Inbox. You can now see a list of all your attachments across the phone lines that you have access to. You can filter by date range or location and you can link directly to the conversation that the attachment was sent from, copy the attachment to share with your team, or download and print it with a single click.

Features & Improvements

  • View a list of all your attachments across conversations in your inbox. Quickly download what you need
  • Improved how we calculate campaign audiences, so large audiences load quicker
  • Fixed a bug that caused the quick campaign to incorrectly calculate audiences with individual contacts from the contact groups page

New Default Campaign Editor

After a couple of weeks of testing and a successful soft launch our new campaign editor is now the default editor on the campaigns page. When you click "Create Campaign" you will be defaulted to the new editor. However, for the next two weeks we will leave the old create campaign flow available, which you can access via the create campaign button dropdown.

Fixes & Improvements

  • New create campaign editor is now the default
  • One time SMS passwords are no longer flagged by our spam detection system
  • Fixed a bug that caused the campaigns list not to refresh if you left Whippy in a background tab

Scheduled Quick Campaigns

Now that our new create campaign flow is in Beta we can release another frequently requested feature - Scheduled Quick Campaigns. You can now create a scheduled campaign from any page in Whippy. Just click the + icon in the top right corner and then select “Quick Campaign” from the dropdown. Once you have selected your campaign audience you can optionally schedule it for some time in the future.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now schedule a campaign using the Quick Campaigns
  • Changed the campaign card analytics to show absolute numbers, and percentages on hover
  • Fixed a bug in the new campaign editor that caused dates to appear invalid
  • Added an update to prevent users from importing messages dated in the future by accident

New Campaign Editor

This week we're making the biggest update to our Campaigns product since we launched it at the start of this year. We've listened to 100s of users' feedback to completely rethink the campaign editor from the ground up, in order to make it both simpler to use and more powerful.

Features & Improvements

  • Mix and match audience types in the campaign editor e.g. add individual contacts and an upload
  • Mix and match audience types to exclude contacts e.g. exclude anyone who is in an upload
  • Preview the entire included and excluded audiences, and see who is already opt out
  • Preview your entire message and send it to any phone number to test
  • New uploads are now automatically added to the audience selection
  • Much more...