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Quick Campaigns Beta

Users frequently ask for a quicker way to message multiple contacts, without having to go through the entire create campaign flow. Today we are making this possible with Quick Campaigns. Quick Campaigns let you create campaigns in just a few clicks, from the new conversation, contacts and campaign analytics pages while getting the full benefit of campaign analytics.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Quick Campaigns feature is now available in beta from the new conversation, contacts and campaign analytics pages.
  • Improved contacts search on the inbox page so you can find conversations faster based on name or phone number
  • New upload feature allows you to map area code and number prefixes to dynamically create valid phone numbers without needing a to map fields in excel
  • Improved user interface consistency to make Whippy easier to use.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented testing our FAQ automation feature
  • Added more help videos for uploading contacts

More Keyword Actions

This week we added more improvements to our automation product. We have already seen some amazing use cases for our keyword feature with some businesses now automating 100s of messages a week and saving hours of their time on tedious follow-ups. If you want to learn how to leverage automation for your business reach out to the Whippy team or go ahead and test the product out in the dashboard.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Automatically opt-in and opt-out contacts with Keywords
  • Added more help videos for keywords and opt-outs
  • See conversation assigned events in the message ui
  • You can preview campaign responses on the campaigns analytics page
  • Campaign responses are now included with the analytics file export
  • Fixed a bug that would show an old contact in the inbox side panel when you changed between conversations
  • Fixed a bug that would cache an out automated messages in the actions message editor
  • Optimised our database queries to load data fast in the application
  • Fixed a bug that would hide the scheduled message button in certain conversations

Add & Remove Tags with Keywords

Today marks the first update of many to our Automations product. We’re adding triggers and actions to every part of Whippy so that you can automate your workflow and save more time. If you have any suggestions for new automation that you would like to see in Whippy then sent us a message.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now create automations to add or remove tags to a contact when a keyword is triggered, as well as sending an automated response. We’re adding even more triggers and actions soon like assigning users, sending notifications, or opting for contacts in and out.
  • You can now see and copy a contact’s phone number to your clipboard without having to open the contact side panel by clicking underneath the contact’s name in the conversation header.
  • When you start a new conversation from the inbox the first input now automatically focuses so you don’t have to click the input field to start typing a name or phone number.

Exclude Contacts with Open Conversations from Campaigns

We didn't publish many user-facing changes this week. The team is heads-down working on some pretty big updates right now. That said, we did publish one important update to our Campaigns Product...

Fixes & Improvements

  • Everyone hates it when they have a customer support ticket open with a company and suddenly they get hit with some marketing from the same brand. Today we made it easier to stop this from happening. All you have to do is check the "Exclude conversations with open conversations" when creating a new campaign and we will exclude contacts who are currently messaging a member of your team 🚀

Filter by Location & Forward Messages

This week we focused on adding some frequently requested features to the Inbox and improving our Automations so you can save more time and stop responding to common questions or topics.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now forward and copy messages by hovering over them on your desktop or clicking on them on mobile.
  • If you have more than one phone number you can now filter by phone number on mobile.
  • You can now add attachments to your FAQ Bot responses and to your Keyword auto-responses.
  • We remove the minimum limit on keywords so you can trigger responses to messages that just contain numbers.
  • We added more help videos directly inside Whippy.
  • When you click on the conversation sidebar the conversation panel now toggles open and closed.
  • Imported contacts who were previously been deleted from your organization will now appear in the imported contacts list.