Add Attachments Keyboard Shortcut

29 Jul 2022

The Whippy team is heads down working on a massive update, which is coming very soon. Meanwhile, we have continued to release some nice usability improvements to the platform. This week we made improvements to how you can add attachments, import conversations and read email notifications.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now add attachments to the message editor with the paste keyboard short-cut on Windows and Mac
  • Email notifications now include an organisation's name for users who are a part of multiple organisations
  • We updated our conversation importer to allow larger uploads and we not accept the contact name through the import
  • New contacts created in the new conversation flow are now opt in by default
  • We re-added the select all to the update users location dropdown
  • Fixed a bug that caused imported conversations to flicker
  • Fixed a bug causing the area code to map incorrectly during import