Advanced Sequence Filtering

20 Oct 2023
Jack Kennedy
Advanced Sequence Filtering

We're elevating your data management experience! Introducing the "Advanced Filtering of Sequence Data" feature, designed to give you unparalleled control and precision in sorting and querying your sequences.

  • Dynamic Column Filtering: Every column is now empowered with a filter! Sort and filter data based on your requirements, ensuring that the information you need is always at your fingertips.
  • Enhanced Query Capabilities: Run specific queries with ease. Whether you're looking for dates before or after a certain point, or names that contain (or don't contain) specific terms, our advanced system has got you covered.
  • Streamlined Data Viewing: Say goodbye to cumbersome data sifting. With these advanced filters, you can swiftly navigate to the exact sequence data you're interested in, without any hassle.
  • Customized Data Experience: Tailor your sequence data view to match your precise needs. With the enhanced filtering options, your data management becomes more intuitive and efficient than ever before.

The "Advanced Filtering of Sequence Data" feature is our latest step in ensuring that you can interact with and manage your data in the most efficient and insightful manner. Harness the power of tailored data views and precise queries with this cutting-edge feature.