A.I. Powered Message Content Creation

11 Nov 2022

When sending SMS campaigns you need to write short engaging content that catches your audience's attention, and gets them to take an action such as clicking a link or responding to your message. Long or spammy messages don't get responses or even worse, the phone carriers will block the messages from getting delivered. Today we're making it dead simple to write the perfect message inside of Whippy. When you add a draft message to the message editor, that we think we can improve, we'll prompt you with three options that you can swap out your draft message for. Whippy's AI generated messages get a higher response rate, use less segments and are less likely to get flagged as spam.

Fixes & Improvements

  • A.I. powered SMS content generation is live in the Inbox and Campaigns products
  • Updated to the scheduled campaigns, you are now prompted to confirm that you want to unschedule a campaign in order to edit it