Automation Templates

12 Aug 2023
Jack Kennedy

We're elated to unveil one of the most anticipated features in Whippy – Automation Templates! This innovation brings to the table an unparalleled level of convenience and efficiency, making the management of automations across multiple fronts a breeze.

  • Versatile Applications: Whether you're looking to automate campaigns, sequences, or global operations, Automation Templates have got you covered. Deploy them across Campaign Automations, Sequence Automations, or Global Automations for a unified automation experience.
  • Duplicate & Customize: Want to make specific changes without affecting the master template? Easily duplicate any template into a new resource and tweak it as per your unique requirements. This ensures that the original stays pristine while you explore variations.
  • Centralized Editing: Choose to reference the original template directly across different automations, and the best part? Make changes in one central place, and see those changes reflect wherever the template is in use. It’s like updating all your devices with a single software upgrade!

With Automation Templates, Whippy is setting a new benchmark for the automation landscape. These enhancements bring forward a blend of flexibility and consistency, ensuring your automations are both adaptable and standardized. Dive into a smoother and smarter automation journey with Whippy.