Batch Campaign Messages

17 Feb 2023

We're excited to announce that Whippy's campaigns product is getting even more powerful with the launch of our new SMS campaign batch scheduling feature! With this new feature, you can now schedule the sending rate of SMS campaign messages, helping you to manage your campaigns more efficiently and avoid over-messaging your contacts.

  • Improved campaign management: The new SMS campaign scheduling feature helps you manage your campaigns more efficiently, giving you the flexibility to adjust your sending rate and pause or complete campaigns as needed.
  • Send messages at the right pace: You can now set the sending rate for your SMS campaigns, ensuring that your messages are delivered at a pace that's appropriate for your audience.
  • Pause and play campaigns: With the ability to pause and play campaigns, you have more control over when and how your messages are sent, making it easier to manage your campaigns and avoid over-messaging your contacts.
  • Mark campaigns as complete: Once you've hit your campaign objectives, you can now mark campaigns as complete, which will save credits and prevent any further messages from being sent.