Bulk Add Contacts to Sequence on Mobile

21 Jul 2023
Jack Kennedy
Bulk add to Sequence on Mobile App

We're excited to roll out a significant new feature to Whippy - the ability to Bulk Add Contacts to a Sequence on mobile and schedule when those contacts are added. This feature adds an additional layer of flexibility to your campaign management, all from the convenience of your mobile device.

  • Bulk Add Contacts: No more adding contacts one by one. With this feature, you can upload multiple contacts at once to a sequence directly from your mobile device, streamlining your workflow and saving you valuable time.
  • Scheduling Feature: The new scheduling option allows you to determine exactly when the added contacts are integrated into the sequence. This means you can schedule your campaigns well in advance, making your campaign management more efficient and organized.
  • Mobile Flexibility: Being able to perform these actions directly from your mobile device means you have the freedom to manage your sequences anywhere, anytime.

With the new Bulk Add Contacts and Scheduling features, Whippy is taking mobile sequence management to the next level. These updates offer a powerful blend of convenience, control, and flexibility, empowering you to manage your sequences more effectively on the go. Enjoy more streamlined and efficient campaign management with Whippy.