Campaign Settings

16 Jun 2023

We are excited to announce our new Campaign Settings feature on Whippy, designed to provide you with greater control over when your campaigns are sent out. With this update, you can now program your campaigns to comply with regulations and respect your audience's time preferences.

  • SMS Quiet Hours: You can pause your campaign messages during quiet hours - before 8 a.m. and after 9 p.m. This ensures that you respect your audience's quiet times and maintain a positive relationship with your contacts.
  • Weekend Pause: Don't want to intrude on your audience's weekends? You now have the option to pause sending messages on weekends. This option allows you to keep your campaigns within weekdays, preserving your audience's personal time.
  • Business Hours Only: If you prefer to communicate with your audience during business hours only, we've got you covered. With this setting, you can pause sending outside of business hours, ensuring your messages are delivered at the most appropriate and effective times.
  • Fine-Tuned Scheduling: These settings offer a more nuanced scheduling system for your campaigns, allowing you to time your communications perfectly in line with regulations and audience preferences.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Our updated campaign settings are easily accessible and adjustable, making it simple to control when your campaign messages are sent.

With Whippy's enhanced Campaign Settings, you can now manage your campaign timings more efficiently and effectively, ensuring better compliance with regulations and audience preferences. Create a positive impression with well-timed and considerate communication, all made possible with Whippy.