Contact List Cleaning

28 Apr 2023

We're thrilled to introduce Whippy's Contact List Cleaning feature, designed to enhance your SMS campaign management and maintain the freshness of your contact data. Recognizing the importance of accurate communication in today's fast-paced business landscape, this update automatically opts out contacts with unreachable phone numbers from your SMS campaigns, ensuring improved deliverability and data accuracy.

  • Smart Opt-Out System: Automatically remove contacts with landlines or out-of-service numbers from your SMS campaigns, focusing your messaging efforts on reachable recipients.
  • Enhanced Deliverability: Boost the effectiveness of your SMS campaigns by targeting only active and reachable phone numbers, increasing the likelihood of successful message delivery.
  • Clean Contact Data: Maintain up-to-date and accurate contact lists by filtering out invalid or unreachable phone numbers, ensuring more reliable data for your team.
  • Reduced Messaging Costs: Optimize your messaging expenses by avoiding wasted SMS sends to unreachable phone numbers, saving your team both time and resources.Seamless Integration: Experience a hassle-free setup with the Contact List Cleaning feature seamlessly integrated into your existing Whippy workflows.

Take advantage of Whippy's Contact List Cleaning feature to optimize your SMS campaigns, ensuring better deliverability and maintaining the accuracy of your contact data.