Content Warnings

30 Sep 2022

Phone carriers are rightly getting stricter and stricter on what types of content you can send to your contacts in order to reduce spam. Users frequently ask us why their messages get flagged as spam and what type of content they can send in a message. In order to make this simpler for users who might not be familiar with SMS content guidelines, we built a content warning system right into our message editor. What does that mean? Now when you write your message, if your content appears spammy we will warn you before you click send and prompt you on how you can fix the message.

Fixes & Improvements

  • Content warnings and suggestions are shown in the message editor
  • Message translation is now available for new conversations, campaigns and templates
  • Page layouts are now consistent across all core products
  • Google My Business integration now syncs you reviews with the latest version of the Google My Business API