Draggable & Collapsible Side Navigation

26 Jan 2024
Jack Kennedy
New draggable side navigation

We're thrilled to introduce a new feature to Whippy's user interface: a draggable and collapsible side navigation. This enhancement is all about empowering you to customize the layout of your workspace, focusing on the information that matters most to you.

  • Personalized Layout: Adjust the shape of the UI by dragging to resize or completely collapsing the side navigation. This flexibility allows you to create a more spacious or focused workspace according to your specific needs at any moment.
  • Enhanced Focus: With the ability to minimize the navigation panel, you can reduce visual clutter and concentrate more on the content that is crucial to your tasks. This is particularly useful during intensive work sessions where maximum screen real estate is essential.
  • Streamlined Access: Even when collapsed, the essential icons remain visible, ensuring that you can quickly access major sections of Whippy without having to expand the menu. This design keeps functionality at your fingertips while maintaining a clean workspace.

This new draggable and collapsible side navigation feature marks a significant step forward in making Whippy's interface as flexible and user-friendly as possible. We're excited for you to tailor your digital environment to better suit your workflow, enhancing both your efficiency and your enjoyment while using our platform.