Filter by Location & Forward Messages

15 Apr 2022

This week we focused on adding some frequently requested features to the Inbox and improving our Automations so you can save more time and stop responding to common questions or topics.

Fixes & Improvements

  • You can now forward and copy messages by hovering over them on your desktop or clicking on them on mobile.
  • If you have more than one phone number you can now filter by phone number on mobile.
  • You can now add attachments to your FAQ Bot responses and to your Keyword auto-responses.
  • We remove the minimum limit on keywords so you can trigger responses to messages that just contain numbers.
  • We added more help videos directly inside Whippy.
  • When you click on the conversation sidebar the conversation panel now toggles open and closed.
  • Imported contacts who were previously been deleted from your organization will now appear in the imported contacts list.