Link Tracking Settings

01 Dec 2023
Jack Kennedy

Whippy is excited to introduce a new level of customization for your SMS campaigns: "Advanced Link Tracking Settings." This feature offers unprecedented control over link tracking, allowing users to tailor their tracking preferences to fit the unique needs of their organization, channels, or specific campaigns.

  • Organization-Wide Tracking Customization: Choose to disable link tracking across your entire organization. This global setting ensures that links in all campaigns and communications remain unshortened and untracked, aligning with your broader privacy and data policies.
  • Channel-Specific Tracking Options: Gain the flexibility to disable link tracking for individual channels. This feature is perfect for channels that require a more natural, untracked communication style, while still maintaining tracking on others.
  • Campaign or Sequence-Level Settings: Tailor link tracking for specific campaigns or sequences. Opt to keep links in their original form for a more authentic interaction in selected campaigns, without affecting others.
  • Unshortened, Untracked Links: When link tracking is disabled, links will not be shortened, and click-throughs will not be tracked. This ensures transparency and authenticity in communications where tracking is not desired or necessary.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Managing link tracking settings is straightforward and user-friendly. Adjust your preferences with just a few clicks, ensuring your settings align perfectly with each campaign or channel's requirements.

The introduction of "Advanced Link Tracking Settings" in Whippy provides our users with greater control over their SMS marketing and communication strategies. Customize your approach to link tracking to best suit your organizational needs and preferences, enhancing the integrity and customization of your communications.