New Inbox Toolbar

01 Apr 2022
Jack Kennedy

We've updated the layout of the Inbox and introduced a new inbox toolbar. Now you can access contact info, search messages, filter attachments, view campaign info and watch our training videos in each conversation. We will continue to add more features to the toolbar over time, which make it easier to access the information you need when you need it without cluttering your workflow.

Fixes & Improvements

  • When you hover over messages you can now copy the message text
  • When you hover over a message that was sent as part of a campaign you can now link out to that campaign's analytics
  • Improved the inbox layout for smaller screen sizes
  • Introduced the new conversation toolbar, removed contact toggle from the conversation header
  • Added the ability to download a CSV report for campaign and campaign contacts
  • Introduced search and scroll to a message in a conversation
  • Added the ability to open attachments in the inbox
  • Added the ability to view all attachments in a conversation, download them or copy a link to share them
  • Added the ability to see what campaigns a contact has been a part of, who created the campaign and link out to each campaign's analytics
  • Updated our training videos and embed them in the inbox
  • Improved campaign filtering to allow filtering by user and location
  • Launched our change-log to keep you up to date on product improvements