Pause Communication Preferences

01 Sep 2023
Jack Kennedy

Exciting news for those looking to refine their outreach strategy! We proudly present the "Pause Communication Preference" feature – giving you granular control to respect and manage your contact's communication desires.

  • Respectful Outreach: When a contact expresses a desire for a communication break, simply pause their communication preferences, ensuring they don't receive any marketing or promotional messages during their preferred pause period.
  • Date-Specific Resumption: Set a date for when you'd like to resume communication. This ensures you can re-engage with your contacts when the time is right, without the fear of forgetting or missing out. Prevent
  • Over Messaging: Maintain a positive brand image by ensuring that you're not overwhelming contacts, especially those who've specified a time-out. They'll appreciate your respect for their wishes.
  • Automated Efficiency: Once set, the system automatically excludes the paused contacts from any communication campaigns until the specified resume date, offering a hassle-free management experience.

The "Pause Communication Preference" feature is all about building trust and strengthening relationships. By respecting your contact's communication boundaries, you're not only demonstrating empathy but also ensuring long-term loyalty. Stay considerate, stay connected, and manage your communications with unparalleled precision with our newest feature.