Sequence Templates

29 Jul 2023
Jack Kennedy
sequence templates ui

We're thrilled to introduce our latest feature to Whippy – the Sequence Templates! This feature is designed to streamline your communications process and foster best practice sharing amongst your team, all while giving you access to tried-and-tested industry playbooks crafted by the Whippy Team.

  • Sequence Templates: Say goodbye to repeatedly crafting sequences from scratch. With this feature, create master sequence templates that can be shared and reused within your team. This fosters consistency and ensures that best practices are adopted throughout.
  • Time Efficiency: With sequence templates, you'll save substantial time and effort. Instead of starting from ground zero, select a template and customize as necessary, allowing you to launch campaigns swiftly.
  • Share Best Practices: This feature not only provides efficiency but also ensures quality. Share your high-performing sequences with your team, ensuring that everyone can leverage best practices for optimal outcomes.
  • Whippy-Curated Playbooks: To give your communications an extra edge, our team has crafted industry-specific playbooks. Use these playbooks as a starting point, tailored to fit the unique nuances of various sectors.

With Sequence Templates, Whippy is redefining effective communications. These updates are designed to provide both a foundation for your sequences and the flexibility to make them uniquely yours. Elevate your communications strategy and experience more cohesive and efficient campaigns with Whippy.