SOC 2 Compliance

27 Jan 2023

We are pleased to announce that Whippy is now SOC 2 Type 2 compliant, providing our customers with the highest level of data security and protection. This achievement is a testament to our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of data security and protecting our customers' valuable data.

SOC 2 is a set of security standards that are widely recognized in the industry and are designed to protect customer data. SOC 2 Type 2 compliance means that Whippy has undergone a rigorous audit and has been found to have the necessary controls in place to protect customer data.

With this new SOC 2 Type 2 compliance, Whippy customers can benefit from:

  • Increased data security and privacy
  • Improved regulatory compliance
  • Enhanced trust and credibility with customers and partners
  • Greater protection against data breaches and cyber threats