03 Nov 2023
Jack Kennedy

We are excited to unveil Whippy's newest feature: Team Management. This feature is a significant leap forward in how organizations can structure and manage their teams within Whippy, ensuring a balanced workload and streamlined communication.

  • Customizable Team Creation: Effortlessly build teams within your organization. Set up teams based on project needs, expertise, or any other criteria that suit your operational style.
  • Flexible Work Schedules: Assign work schedules for each team, accommodating various shifts and working hours. This flexibility ensures that conversations and tasks are handled promptly, regardless of time zones or working hours.
  • Intelligent Assignment Methods: Choose from advanced assignment methods like round-robin or even distribution. These methods ensure a fair and balanced workload among team members, preventing burnout and ensuring efficient task management.
  • Team Assignments for Conversations: Assign entire teams to conversations in the inbox. This feature facilitates collaborative handling of discussions, ensuring that conversations are not limited to just one member and can be addressed by anyone in the team as needed.
  • Enhanced Team Visibility: Gain insights into team workload, availability, and conversation handling. This visibility aids in making informed decisions about resource allocation and team management.

Whippy's Team's feature is a transformative addition, designed to optimize team organization, workload distribution, and conversation management. By integrating these features, organizations can ensure a more balanced, efficient, and collaborative work environment.