Web Notifications

05 Aug 2023
Jack Kennedy

We're back with another exciting feature to enhance your Whippy experience – the all-new Internal Notifications! This feature ensures that you remain in the loop with real-time updates, all within the Whippy browser interface, eliminating the need to constantly check your email or mobile device.

  • In-Browser Notifications: Stay updated without any distractions. Receive notifications directly in your browser while working within Whippy, ensuring that you never miss out on important updates or alerts.
  • Unified Access: Juggling between different organizations? Not anymore. View notifications from all the organizations you have access to, centralized in one convenient location.
  • Customized Management: Tailor your notification experience to your needs. Mark notifications as read or unread based on your priorities, and if you wish to declutter, simply archive them for a cleaner view.

With the introduction of Internal Notifications, Whippy ensures that you remain well-informed and connected to all facets of your operations. These updates are meticulously designed to grant you an unobtrusive yet comprehensive view of your notifications. Enjoy a seamless and integrated notification experience with Whippy.