Webhooks API

10 Nov 2023
Jack Kennedy

We're excited to announce a significant development in Whippy's capabilities: the new "Webhooks API" feature. This latest update opens a world of possibilities for developers, enabling them to create seamless integrations and real-time interactions with Whippy.

  • Programmatic Webhook Configuration: Developers can now set up webhook notifications directly through Whippy's API. This automation makes integration setup more efficient and less prone to errors.
  • Real-Time Notifications: Receive instant updates on specified events within Whippy. This feature ensures that your integrations are always synchronized with the latest data and activities.
  • Customizable Event Subscriptions: Select and subscribe to a wide range of webhook events. Whether it's user actions, conversation updates, or system changes, you have the flexibility to choose what matters most for your integration.
  • Streamlined Third-Party Integration: With the Webhooks API, integrating third-party services with Whippy becomes smoother and more reliable. Build powerful extensions and add-ons that enhance the Whippy experience.
  • Developer-Friendly Documentation: Comprehensive and clear documentation is provided, making it easy for developers to understand and implement the Webhooks API in their projects.

The introduction of the "Webhooks API" is a milestone in making Whippy a more versatile and interconnected platform. It empowers developers to build robust integrations, ensuring that Whippy adapts seamlessly into diverse technological ecosystems.