Unify all your data in a single powerful software.

Import, tag & segment your data so you can get more out of every customer interaction. Send personalized messages that drive your business.


Find the data that matters

Filter your contacts by source, tags, or locations. Track what marketing channels are resulting in revenue, follow-up with cold leads with a single click, or offer elevated services to your VIPs. Filtering allows you to do countless things with your contact list.


Mass Texting that feels 1-on-1

Broadcast out bulk texting with personalized messages to those dynamic groups segments. Each message is sent out individually and can be scheduled for a specific day time.


Import & create custom groups

Whippy allows you to create dynamic groups so contacts are automatically added if they fit the group’s criteria. Segment groups based on customer value, purchase history, job title or specific actions like those who need immediate follow-up.