What are Whippy Credits?

Each message containing approximately 160 characters of text or less, both inbound and outbound, is 1 Credit. 
Whippy does support sending larger amounts of text in a single message, but you will be charged a credit for every 160 approximate characters of text. For example, if you send a message that contains 400 characters of text, you will be charged 3 Credits.  For a more detailed explanation of how this works please see the FAQ below.
Any “MMS” supported media file such as an image, document, pdf, etc, both inbound and outbound, is 2 Credits.
The above Credit system applies to any of the following: Whippy hosted US/Canadian numbers, Whippy provided local US/Canadian number. Please note the credit system above is to recipients of US/Canadian local numbers. Sending or receiving from International recipients or to/from Toll-Free and Short Code numbers is subject to higher credits (please inquire for more details).
Frequently Asked Questions
If a contact has opted out, been excluded from a campaign or a campaign has been paused before a contact has been sent a message, will I still be charged a credit? 

No. You are only charged a credit for any message a carrier has signaled back that was received by the carrier. 
If I send a Campaign to 100 recipients with 160 characters of text is that considered 1 Credit or 100 Credits?

100 Credits. Whippy sends each one of those 100 recipients a text message individually, therefore you are sending 100 actual messages.
If I pick a monthly plan and exceed the number of credits, does my service shut off?

No. You will be charged $50 per each additional grouping of Credits you exceed your monthly plan. To see those Credit groupings please reference our pricing page (https://whippy.ai/pricing).
If I send a text message larger than 160 characters of text is it guaranteed to be delivered in the correct order?

No. Messages longer than 160 characters are “split” by carriers before sending, and although usually sent in the correct order, that is not guaranteed. There are occasions when they will be split up and the larger the character count the more likely that chance they will be split up in a different order. 
Are there times where less than 160 characters can be more than 1 credit?
In short. Yes.
The classification type depends if there are any "special characters" as deemed by the carriers, if so the classification of text changes GSM-7 which is 160 characters per credit to UCS-2 which is 69 characters per credit. An example of a special character that required UCS-2 encoding can be emojis or other special characters that are not recognized by GSM-7.
Use the Twilio Messaging Segment Calculator to see how this works with your particular message on the following link -https://twiliodeved.github.io/message-segment-calculator/